The Handy Tools Salesman is a Trader who can be found in Trader Camps. They vary in appearance, but will always be holding a TactiCop Lite(TM).

They sell various "survival" items to the group. The Flashlights can be bought infinitely, but the TactiCop Lite(TM) and Healing Spray can only be bought once. If talked to with no food, they will give the party a free flashlight. They cannot be robbed or told to COOL IT.

Encounter Text

This trader is waving a sturdy military flashlight around. It's an old business trick to draw in customers.

It pays to be prepared!

Not enough food

You're out of food! The trader gives the group a free flashlight.

Buy Flashlight (1 Food)

The group buys a flashlight.

I have a zillion of these, if you happen to need hundreds of flashlights.

Buy TactiCop Lite(TM) (5 Food)

The group buys a TactiCop Lite(TM)!

The king of flashlights! Also good for thunking zombie skulls!

Buy Healing Spray (6 Food)

The group buys a can of Healing Spray!

Spray someone to heal them. You can spray yourself by walking into the healing cloud! In emergencies, you can also melt zombies with it.

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