The smaller Hardware store in City maps.

The large Hardware store based off Yall-Mart.

The Hardware Store is a location in Death Road to Canada that appears as both an Always be Looting location and a City looting location. It is a Yall-Mart style building containing hardware related weapons and equipment, such as gasoline, chainsaws, 2x4s, pitchforks, etc.

Hardware Store.jpg


Always Be Looting

ABL hardware stores have a layout similar to a Yall-Mart, consisting of four rooms: the main interior, two restrooms and a storage room. Hardware loot may be found in the main interior and the storage room, while the restrooms can contain standard toilet loot.


City hardware stores can be recognized by a sign with the name "ERNIE'S HARDWARE" on it. They consist of only one room, which contains hardware loot. The possible weapons and supplies are the same as in ABL stores, but their spawn chances are slightly different.

Possible loot

Event Text

The group finds a hardware store. There may be cans of gas or a chainsaw here, but only if other people haven't picked the place clean yet.

  • Go shopping

NOTE: This text applies only to the ABL version, as city locations do not have specific encounter text.

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