The Head Swap Doctor is a Rare Character and Trader that can appear in Trader Camps. He will offer to replace the head of a party member for 5 Food. The character's head will change appearance into whichever head is selected and their Stats will undergo a change.

The doctor has 12 possible options for head transplants. Three of these are selected at random for the player to pick from. Backing out of the conversation does not change the available heads.

Some heads will bring negative consequences, with potential for positives too. Some heads increase or decrease a Stat's cap, while one head changes the unarmed attack of the character.

He will not perform on non-Supertrained Pets, instead telling them to leave when spoken to. Supertrained animals get the effect of the new head, but not the appearance change.

He can not be recruited.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

It's a doctor. A REAL doctor, he's wearing a doctor outfit and everything!

Let's cut right to the chase... I can replace your head with a better head.

Not sapient: Wait a second... get out of here! I'm not a vet!
Sapient: I'm NOT mad! But I am going mad, so there's a pretty big discount. Only 5 food!

Not enough food

Looks like you're stuck with your old head.

Show me what you got!

Great! Here's what I have ready to go.

Let me know which head you're interested in! I only have time for one transplant. I'm going GOLFING after this because I'm a DOCTOR.

Head Transplant Outcomes

Image Name Description Outcome
Chicken "A chicken isn't known for its toughness or intelligence, but then again, they can flap around pretty fast." Wits = 0

Wits revealed

Vitality -1

Dexterity +1

Hero "Even floating around in a jar, this square jawed head looks like one of those loyal and positive heroic types." Loyalty = 6

Attitude = 6

Loyalty and Attitude revealed

Dog "Dogs are man's best friend! A dog's head would likely be a big improvement over your treacherous non-dog head. As a bonus, the head is smoking a little pipe." Wits = 0

Loyalty = 6

Wits and Loyalty revealed

Clown "The doctor shows you a clown's head floating in a jar. It's terrifying. This SEEMS like a bad idea." Loyalty = 0

Morale -1(everyone except character)

Gnome "The doctor offers to replace your head with a gnome. Yes, the fantasy woodland creature." Unarmed Attack = 'Pokin''
Robot "The doctor shows off a stylish robot head. Become one with machines!" Mechanical Cap +1

Mechanical revealed

Alien "The doctor presents an alien head in a jar. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. The alien looks like a more evolved and intelligent life form, though not so evolved that it could avoid getting preserved in a little jar." Wits = 6

Wits revealed

Beaver "Beavers are known for their capacity for aerobic exercise. They're always prancing around and doing jumping jacks. I think that's what I heard in nature documentaries." Fitness +1

Fitness revealed

Morale +2 (whole party)

Skull "The doctor says he's going to bring out his BEST transplant head, and it turns out to be a skull. Intriguing." Vitality -1

Strength Cap +1

Fitness Cap +1

Shooting Cap +1

Bodybuilder "A lot of a bodybuilder's strength is from mental conditioning. So having a bodybuilder's head should let you reach new heights of strength!" Strength Cap +1

Strength revealed

Mall Cop "When the zomborpocalypse happens, mall cops will inherit the ruins of the earth. -- Ancient Book of Mall Cop Prophecy" Shooting Cap -2

Shooting revealed

Vitality +1

Full Heal

Mad Doctor "The doctor points at his head. He claims it's the second best one he has in stock." Loyalty = 0

Medical Cap +1

Medical revealed

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