Health Food Havoc is a common Driving Event in Death Road to Canada. It was added in the October 2017 EYEBALL (Part 1) Update.

Event Text

The group finds a health food store. It seems like no one bothered to loot it because the food was disgusting.

Most of the food seems to be rotting anyway. Or maybe it's not, it could be that the food is supposed to look and smell like this.

  • Ignore for morale reasons
  • Loot the gross food


Ignore for morale reasons

[Party] +1 Morale

Loot the gross food

The group loots the gross heal food, picking what they can live with. This turns out to be not that much of the food in total.

+4-6 food
[Party] Attitude revealed
[Characters with low (less than 2) Attitude] -2 Morale
[Characters with 2-4 Attitude] -1 Morale

The group feels healthier just looking at the gross food!

[Party] +1 Health

If party has at least one character with high (5 or higher) Attitude

Possible quotes:

  • [Character] thinks the food is fine.
  • [Character] doesn't mind the horrid food.
  • [Character] has a positive attitude about this slop!
  • [Character] is trying to keep an open mind.
  • [Character] pretends that it's junk food instead.
  • [Character] successfully ignores the food.
  • [Character] thinks about curry.
  • [Character] focuses on the health benefits.
  • [Character] tries to block out the smell.
  • [Character] has eaten worse food, possibly.
  • [Character] mentally blocks out the disgust.
  • [Character] resists feeling any emotion right now!
Character does not suffer morale penalty
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