Heavy Traffic is a common driving event in Death Road to Canada.

Event Text

There's a large horde of zombies on the road ahead. The group isn't sure if they could get through them or not.

  • Seek shelter in house
  • Take a detour
  • Plow through!


Seek shelter in house

The group hides in a nearby house to wait for the horde to disperse. The zombies end up becoming agitated and they attack!


  • 1 hour house siege starts.

Take a detour

The group decides to take a detour! This is usually a bad idea.


It takes some extra time and gas, but not too much!

  • Lose a small amount of gas (depends on car mileage)


They get lost for a full day, until finally finding an alternate route.

  • Lose a large amount of gas (depends on car mileage)
  • Group sleeps, one meal is eaten

Plow through!

The group decides to try to try to drive through the horde!

Car has armor

The car rams right through the obstacle, though some of its makeshift armor ends up falling off.

  • -1 car armor


  • -2/-3 car chassis (chosen randomly)

Car survives: The car gets through, but takes some damage.
Car doesn't survive: The car got through, but took too much damage. It fell apart a short distance down the road. CAR DESTROYED!


  • If the party doesn't have a car, only the "Seek shelter in house" option will be available. The only way to encounter this event without a car is to lose it right at the beginning of the second-to-last driving day, as it is a driving event, not a walking event.
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