The Heavy Weapons Knight is one of four fixed Traders found at Ye Olden Renaissance Faire.

This knight sells heavy weapons for high food costs.

The Heavy Weapons Knight sells the MegaKnight Blade. This sword hits up to 4 targets at once and has high power and knockdown. It is identical in stats to the Guster Sword.

Purchasing the MegaKnight Blade will grant the whole party free Strength training which will grant one level each.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

I only selleth the HEAVIEST ARMAMENTS! If thou havest the coin..... and mettle.....??

The knight offers a special deal if you buy the MegaKnight blade: Free Knightly Strength Training Session

Buy Medieval Axe (15 Food)

[Character] buys a MEDIEVAL AXE.

Not as chivalrous as a sword. Still, a certain appeal.....

Buy Mighty Claymore (30 Food)

[Character] buys a MIGHTY CLAYMORE.

Truly! A Chivalrous Blade.......

Buy MegaKnight Blade (35 Food)

[Character] buys a MEGAKNIGHT BLADE.

The... perfect sword.....

The knight throws in the promised Knightly Training!

  • Whole party +1 strength

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