Horse is a Rare Character that can be found and recruited during an Event while driving. He is depicted as a mostly nude man in a rubber horse mask.

Horse does not speak, instead his dialogue when on the road consists of whinnies, neighs, and other 'horse-like' emotes.

Horse only has 1 inventory slot and is incapable of using melee weapons, but can still use firearms and throwing weapons. His Strength and Fitness are revealed upon recruitment. In addition, he starts with 0 Shooting, 2 Vitality, and 3 Wits, Attitude and Composure.

Note that Horse’s incapability of using melee weapons extends to any and all unarmed attacks as well all chainsaw-like weapons. Unarmed training such as Kung Fu and Boxing are wasted on him.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

There's a man running alongside the road. His horse mask is flopping back and forth with every step. The group has never seen someone so free.

Upon Recruitment

The man ignores [Character]'s offer to join the group, but it soon becomes obvious that he just isn't listening. The car pulls ahead a bit and [Character] reaches over and opens one of the back doors. The man jumps in.

If Party is full

Boot someone out to get a horse:

Upon Ignoring

The group imagines what it's like to be a horse.




Upon Leaving

Horse just decides to start running. He runs and runs in one direction and never seems to stop. [Character] of the team can only stand back and watch as he disappears over the horizon.

Special Abilities

Upon pressing the weapon switch button, Horse will say 'NEIGH'.

Horse has the best base movement speed of any human character.


  • Horse's movement speed, rather than coming from an augmented Dexterity stat (which is in fact no different than an ordinary human recruit's), is given by a speed_bonus stat set to 0.4. This equates to four Dexterity levels' worth of enhanced speed, making him the fastest human character in the game. For comparison, Roller Derby Girl and Gnomey have a speed bonus of 0.2 (two levels of Dexterity), Ninja has a speed bonus of 0.3 (three levels), and most Pets have a base move speed equal to five levels of Dexterity (likely hardcoded).
  • A comment in the game files indicates Horse originally was not able to shoot firearms either.
  • Horse is likely based on the popular internet meme of the rubber horse head.
  • Horse only has 1 inventory slot (presumably due to lack of pockets).
  • Horse appears to be the unofficial 'mascot' of Death Road to Canada - appearing on most of the game's promotional material.
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