Hotdog Heaven was a rare location that had a low chance of appearing during ABL events. It was a town consisting of 6 different stores with a locked Wiener Mobile, a special vehicle unique to this map.

The 6 stores were not generated randomly; there will always be a gun shop, a drug store, a sporting goods shop, a hardware shop, a grocery and an office building named "Wiener Marketing", inside which you could find the key to the Wiener Mobile. All stores beside the Wiener Marketing were identical to stores you find in city looting events.

These factors made Hotdog Heaven a good option for ABL even if you weren't in for the Wiener Mobile. It was almost guaranteed that you will find a variety of weapons and supplies here.

As of the EYEBALL Part 2 Update, this event and the Wiener Mobile have since been removed from the game and respectively replaced with the similar Giant Animal location and a functionally-identical vehicle with a fish variant and a wiener-shaped pig variant.

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