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House on the Road are a type of very common and general type of looting location during Always Be Looting events. As with several non-city locations, when selected, the party is transported automatically to the destination and thus cannot use their vehicle's trunk on arrival.

House on the Road is one of the first locations survivors may visit.


Living Rooms

Ordinary living spaces adorned with seating and tables and occasionally shelves or drawers with supplies.


Kitchens contains the most food in the house and often are accompanied by kitchen-based weaponry, such as forks, spoons, butterknives, kitchen knives, meat cleavers, and frying pans. Other noteworthy features include possibly unopened refrigerators, which may contain food or ammo, stoves, which may contain food or 5-10 gasoline, and a trash can (20% of the time).



Bathrooms always contain a toilet which may or may not be opened. If unopened, loot usually consists of a single unit of gasoline or one ammo, but loot can be slightly improved by purchasing upgrades from Unomey. Bathrooms also often contain drawers or cabinets with medical supplies, and very rarely may contain one or two doses of healing spray (2% chance to spawn) or a magazine.


Bedrooms are fairly ordinary rooms only boasting the possibility of drawers or shelving units with supplies to loot, as well as occasionally a weapon.


The smallest possible rooms in a house usually contain a small amount of resources or weapons such as a broom or mop.


Big House

A presumably larger version of a House on the Road containing more rooms to explore

Bullet-Ridden House

Bullet-ridden houses are noteworthy for containing larger amounts of ammunition and sometimes a decent firearm.

Fancy House

Fancy houses will contain a safe that can be looted, usually located in one of the bathrooms.

Riled Up House

Riled Up Houses have a chance of containing more valuable loot and an increased number of zombies.

Encounter Text

House on the Road

The group spots a house on the road. It looks fairly quiet from the outsite, but looking through the windows reveals shapes lurching around in the dark.

Big House

The group drives to a town that's been burnt to the ground. There is a large house looming on a nearby hill. Even from far away, it looks completely swarmed with zombies.

Bullet-ridden House

The group sees a house from a distance. On getting closer, it looks like a large gunfight happened here between humans. From the house, many groans of the undead can be heard.

Fancy House

The group spies a house that looks expensive from the outside. There must be something in there worth checking out.

Riled Up House

The group drives up to a house and sees that the zombies were angry before they got there. There are no signs of life, except unlife.