The Hunting Lodge is a special Always be Looting event.

This event starts in a surrounding forest and somewhere on the map will be a cabin with a similar look to the Cabin with Car and Cabin Rescue cabins. Upon entering the cabin, you might find a small amount of food, medical, gun(s), and/or zombies. There will also be an interactive Stuffed Bear.

Encounter Text

The group spots a sign pointing the way to a nearby hunting lodge. In the same direction, some stragglers of a wandering horde are visible. Beware!

Interacting with the bear

A huge stuffed bear looms in the cabin.

[Character] wrestles it for a few hours

[Character] grapples with the stuffed bear.

It doesn't budge. He/she keeps wrestling with the bear, and somehow absorbs a little bit of it's strength..

  • [Character] +1 Strength
  • [Character] Strength revealed
  • 3 hours pass
  • 6-10 zombies spawn in the cabin

[Character] searches the bear quickly

[Character] searches the stuffed bear on a hunch.

Hey! There was a bunch of food and medical supplies hidden in a flap behind it!

Leave it for now

  • Cancels out of dialog box. Interaction should be available at a different time.
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