It's a graphic novel, NOT a comic book

Event CYOA

It's a Graphic Novel NOT a Comic Book is an event that occurs upon exiting a scavenging mission with a comic book collected from the rare secondary City location KiND oF A*LOT*O COMiCS, allowing one character to gleam stat benefits from reading it. The name of the collected comic and its accompanying stat increases are constant for every instance of this event.

Event Text

The group got out with a comic book! It's full of stories of burly people punching each other and shooting each other with eye beams.

[If solo]: He/She reads it and absorbs the wisdom contained within! It's informative and entertaining!

[Character] Shooting +1, Fitness +1, Strength +1, Morale +3

[Otherwise]: Who should get to read it?

  • [Party member selection]


[Character] gets to read THE SPANDEX LEAGUE.

[Sentient]: He/She absorbs the contents! Sadly, he/she ruins the comic book for others due to his/her grimy fingers/paws.

[Character] Shooting +1, Fitness +1, Strength +1, Morale +3

[Non-sentient]: [Character] completely ruins the comic.

Seems like someone doesn't like graphic novels.

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