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The Junkyard is a location in Death Road to Canada, which can be selected during looting events.

Junkyards consist of a single building in front of a large fence. Behind it is a large scrap yard with multiple piles of debris and burnt-out cars. A large number of dumpsters are found here which can contain food and ammunition.



A regular junkyard with random loot. The main building contains a feral junkyard dog, which can be rescued by either talking to it with a Friend of Dog or giving it a bone. The dog will always start with 5-6 Strength (randomly chosen) and 0 Attitude and Composure.

Junkyard with Car

A typical junkyard with a random vehicle parked in front of the facility. The keys to the car are found somewhere among the trash heaps and scrapped cars.

Secure Junkyard

A secure junkyard contains a safe within the main building that can be cracked open by survivors with a high mechanical skill. Otherwise, players will need to find a combination code or key somewhere in the scrapyard out back.

Junkyard Pals

This special junkyard contains two characters which need to be rescued, Clem and Leonard. They can be found separated somewhere in the scrapyard, and will increase your party's stats if rescued.

Encounter Text


The group spots a junkyard full of garbage and old wrecks. Zombies roam around the trash for reasons you can't spot from here.

Secure Junkyard

The group spots a landfill on the side of the road. A building outside of it has security signs and bars across the windows. Seems like a lot of protection for a junkyard's office.

Junkyard with Car

The group spots a junkyard with a car pulled up to the front of it. The car looks like it's in great shape, but where's the owner?

Junkyard Pals

See Junkyard Pals for full encounter text.

Talking to the junkyard dog

It's a vicious junkyard dog that wants nothing to do with you. This dog's personality probably wasn't great before the apocalypse, either. It's too feral to even be swayed by food.

Character has more than 1 Health: WARNING: Will probably bite you.
Character has 1 Health: WARNING: Will absolutely kill you.

Bribe dog with a bone

[Dog] starts following [Character]! He/she could be useful, if you can get him/her out of here alive. Or a handy distraction, if you can't.


[Character] uses everything he/she knows about dog psychology on this vicious junkyard dog! It works! The dog wants to follow!

Make dog follow you (>1 Health)/Get killed by dog (1 Health)

Character is a Friend of Dog
Results are the same as for using DOG PSYCHOLOGY.

The dog is having none of that. It lunges at [Character]!

  • [Character] -1 Health (lethal)

Leave dog alone for now

  • Cancels dialogue box, nothing happens
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