Just Like Bart or J*L*B is a recruitable Rare Character added in the June 2017 - COCCYX Update.

To acquire J*L*B the player must find and recruit Bort, and then either have him die in a mission, or use a charged COOL IT!!! while he is in the party. Both of these actions will cause Bort to transform into J*L*B. Unlike Bort, J*L*B is a muscular, shirtless version of Bort which is much more human in appearance. His right eye is coloured red and he is constantly smiling.

J*L*B' Strength, Fitness and Loyalty are set to 6 upon transforming. He is able to go two levels over the cap for Strength and Fitness. The rest of his stats are inherited from Bort.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter (Bort's death)


Upon Death




J*L*B continued to inspire people due to his perfect resemblance to Bart.

Special Abilities

J*L*B has a +2 max bonus to Strength and Fitness.


  • J*L*B is a reference to the popular YouTube series Monster Factory. In one of the most well-known episodes, Griffin and Justin attempt to recreate Bart Simpson in the game Black Desert Online, with some very humorous and grotesque results. Link to the video.
  • J*L*B will sometimes say "EET PANT!" between events. Unlike Bort's between-mission blurb, this does not increase the COOL IT counter.
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