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Kepa is a Rare Character that the player starts with when playing K*E*P*A Mode. Kepa must be kept alive to receive the cheevo tied to him, but his death does not end the current run.

The player begins with Kepa in addition to the chosen character and partner meaning they can potentially begin the game with three survivors.

Kepa joins with a Cardboard Tube and 1 Vitality. This means he can only take a single hit before dying and can't heal above a single HP without training.

All Stats except Mechanical and Medical are revealed for Kepa from the start of the game. All personality stats are zero.


"Oh hey, I made it. Thanks fer playing Death Road to Canada!"

"Secret Tip: Look for the Well of Wishes in the Crypt of Decay!"


  • Kepa is named after Kepa Auwae of Rocketcat Games.
  • Kepa does not have a unique sprite. He is made up of appearance options that NPCs and custom characters have, making it possible to re-create his appearance using the Character Creator.
  • Kepa's seed value is always set to 1234512345.
  • If you win with Kepa you will earn the Don't Let Me Die cheevo.
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