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The building

KiND oF A*LOT*O COMiCS sic is a rare bonus location that can randomly spawn during a City looting event. Similarly to the books found in Bookstore locations, there will be a number of throwable comic props and one comic in good condition, titled The Spandex League. Like with magazines, one character can be chosen to read the comic and gain its benefits upon exiting the mission in which it was collected. This will trigger the event It's a Graphic Novel NOT a Comic Book. Additional minor loot may be found in the building's restroom toilets, like with most locations.

Event Text (The Spandex League)

[Character] finds a comic book in good condition among the ruined ones littering the floor.

It seems to be about burly superheroes in tights that run around and punch people. Great!

He/She stuffs it into his/her pack.

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