Kinda Pushy is a Driving Event in Death Road to Canada. The party will be forced to allow another randomly-generated Character to join them.

Event Text

The group finds another traveller by the roadside, named [Character].

They insist on joining the group, immediately. The group isn't even given a choice.

[Character] joins the party! Onward to Canada?

  • The character will immediately join the party.
    • The new character will always have high Attitude and low Composure. They will also start with a 4 in either Strength or Shooting, and will be holding a Baseball Bat.
    • If the group is full, the player will have the option to leave them behind, or kick out a different character to make room.

If party has only one survivor

[Character 2] considers the benefits of their LONE WOLF strategy so far. Should they recruit [Character]?

  • You are then given the option to recruit the character or leave them behind.

If a character in the party has the Paranoid Trait

[Character 2] judges their character...


[Character 2] sizes up their skills...

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