Kip is a special trader in Death Road to Canada. He is an alien-like lizard in a lab coat standing next to a strange machine, which can be entered for a fee.

The character that enters this machine will receive a Strength and Fitness increase in addition to a random effect. This effect can range from your character's DNA being mixed with that of a fly, to your character being transformed into a Super Dog.

The machine can be used multiple times. The first use of the machine costs 5 food, while further uses cost 20 food. Kip cannot be robbed or told to COOL IT.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

It's some sorta lizard alien. No one seems to mind.

For a small fee I can permanently mess up your genetic code!

First use

75% discount for the first zap! That's a deal!

Second and further uses


Not enough food

Sadly, you can't afford this sweet deal.

Entering Kip's Machine

[Character] enters the machine and gets blasted by COSMIC RAYS. He/She feels energized!

Possible Effects

See Mysterious Device for a full list of effects.


  • Kip is based on a character from the roguelike RPG Shattered Planet.
  • If a transformation would make a character lose item slots (e.g., Human -> Dog), the weapons they were carrying will drop to the floor. If Kip is close enough, he may pick up these weapons and render them irretrievable.
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