Kung Fu Master

The Kung Fu Master is a rare event that occurs which allows the player to mount a rescue for Bryce Lu, a parody of a real life famous Jeet Kune Do founder and practitioner, Bruce Lee.

Upon accepting the request, the player will be placed in a city environment infested with zombies and will have to locate Bryce Lu in one of the houses.

Once the player has successfully rescued Bryce Lu, he will offer to teach the player (or another member in the party) martial arts which will grant them a one-handed martial arts attack when unarmed.

Encounter Text

While driving through a very crowded city, the group sees a survivor sneaking through the crowds. He's doing a pretty good job being sneaky, despite his bright yellow jumpsuit.

Upon finding Bryce

Bryce Lu says he is glad [Name] showed up.

He got cornered while trying to sneak past the city on foot. He offers to teach [Name] an anti-zombie martial arts technique if he can get a ride out of here.

Let him follow you

Bryce Lu starts following [Name]!

Bryce Lu takes a deep breath, and then assumes a strange fighting stance...

Upon Escaping

If Bryce was rescued

Bryce Lu gets out of the car once it drives safely past the swarmed city.

In thanks for helping him, he offers to teach one person how to splat zombies bare-handed. Who should get the training?

Person already knows Kung Fu: [Name] gets taught some master-level techniques! He/she now hits even harder! Now his/her hands can hit three targets per attack!

Otherwise: [Name] gets a crash course in martial arts! He/she is able to learn one very handy move. Now his/her hands are anti-zombie weapons!

  • Unarmed attack is changed to Kung Fu

If Bryce wasn't rescued

The group feels a great sense of loss over Bryce Lu getting eaten. His martial arts knowledge is now gone.


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