Last Rest Before Canada is the final Camping Event in Death Road to Canada. The group rests and has their last meal before their final push to the Canadian Border. This event does not feature a player choice.

Event Text

The group prepares for the brutal day ahead of them. Canada is close, but the zombie forecast is bad!

Group eats a day's worth of food


Enough food for a full meal

There's food left for the group to eat a second meal.

Group eats another day's worth of food
[Group] +2 Morale


Enough food for a half meal

There's food left for the group to eat extra.

Group eats half a day's worth of food
[Group] +1 Morale


Not enough food for a half meal


After the meal

Characters with enough Morale get a personal optimistic line and a last-minute Dexterity increase.

[Characters with 5 or more Morale] +1 Dexterity

Possible Pre-Canada Sayings

  • [Character] feels good about the odds!
  • [Character] doesn't think there's THAT many zombies.
  • [Character] is ready to splat some zombs!
  • [Character] is raring to go!
  • [Character] feels pumped up for tomorrow!
  • [Character] is excited about Canada!
  • [Character] can't wait!


  • This event is the last instance where food has practical use for the rest of the run. Any food kept past this point is wasted, thus it is advised that players spend all they can at the final trading camp save for one or two meals' worth.
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