Like a Normal Day is a common driving event in Death Road to Canada.

Event Text

The group meets another person just chilling on a park bench. He seems friendly. They have a conversation, just like before the world ended.

What was the main topic?

  • [Highest Wits Character]: Advice exchange
  • [Highest Attitude Character]: Pep Talk
  • [Bandit Character]: Giving me your stuff
  • [Irritating Character]: Cooling It


[Character]: Advice exchange

If human: [Character] exchanges advice on different topics.
If animal: [Character] barks/meows/sneezes in a very wise and experienced way.

Character has low (less than 2) Wits

The friendly survivor is confused by the worthless advice.

  • [Character] Wits revealed

Character has 2-4 Wits

The friendly survivor appreciates it, and gives a little bit of advice to [Character] in return.

Character has high (5 or more) Wits

The friendly survivor is enlightened by the advice, and gives some great tips of his own!

  • [Character] Wits revealed
  • [Party] +1 Shooting, Medical or Mechanical (40/30/30 chance, chosen randomly for each party member)

[Character]: Pep Talk

If human: [Character] tries to give a pep talk.
If animal: [Character] barks/meows/sneezes in a reassuring way.

Character has low (less than 2) Attitude

The friendly survivor actually feels worse now.

Character has 2-4 Attitude

The friendly survivor gives some reassuring words in return.

  • [Character] Attitude revealed
  • [Party] +1 Morale

Character has high (5 or more) Attitude

The friendly survivor feels very optimistic after the talk, and gives an inspiring speech!

  • [Character] Attitude revealed
  • [Party] +2 Morale

[Character]: Giving me your stuff

[Character] easily robs the friendly person. He didn't have much, but that will teach him an important lesson in trusting others.

[Character]: Cooling It

If human: [Character] interrupts the friendly survivor mid-sentence, to tell him to COOL IT.
If animal: [Character] starts FARTING at the person, and somehow continues to do so for several minutes without stopping for even a moment.

Success (charged COOL IT!!!)

He is awestruck by this. He claims that this is all according to the prophesies, and that he's been holding on to a gift for the Chosen One!

  • [Character] Wits and Attitude revealed
  • [Party] +3 Morale
  • Choice of two random rewards (see Rescue Successful! for list of possible rewards)


He stares at [Character], without speaking, until the group leaves.

  • [Character] Wits and Attitude revealed
  • [Party] -1 Morale


  • The successful COOL IT outcome generates a character with the name 'Friendly Guy', as it uses the same script as rescuing a character in a mission. However, the event does not offer the option to recruit this character.
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