Lil' Sam Byool (or The Ultra-Wiener) is a Rare Character that has a 1% chance of replacing an ordinary dog rescuee (e.g., in "Apartment with 'BARK' Banner"). Upon recruitment, he will be revealed to have max Wits and Shooting as well as the SUPERTRAINED perk, allowing him to drive the car, use weapons and lead solo missions. He will also always have max Composure, giving him the Calm-shot Stat Combo, and starts with a shotgun and 12 shells.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

You've never seen a more impressive wiener dog. This must have been a show dog, with papers. The dog is also wielding a shotgun.

His collar reads: LIL' SAM BYOOL

Let him follow you

Sam Byool starts following [Character]!

He could be useful, if you can get him out of here alive. Or a handy distraction, if you can't.



  • This character is one of two pets added to the game as part of the $500 reward tier for the game's Kickstarter campaign, the other being Oscar.
  • Only one Kickstarter pet can be encountered per game, meaning Lil' Sam Byool and Oscar are mutually exclusive (outside of O*P*P MODE). If playing on O*P*P MODE, neither pet will spawn naturally, even if they are not recruited in the lobby.
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