Loyalty is a personality stat in Death Road to Canada. This stat is a measure of a survivor's loyalty to their party through difficult situations and how they will react acts of kindness and mischief. Effectively, this stat determines if a survivor is good or bad in character.


Survivors with a higher loyalty are less likely to abandon or betray the group, prioritizing their teammates over self-preservation in events such as Who can be trusted?. Additionally, very loyal survivors will often stick closer to the party leader during Always be Looting events[1]. Traits that ensure high loyalty include Civilized and Hero Type.

Survivors with lower loyalty will readily abandon the group if given the opportunity and motive and will have text event options that benefit the party at the cost of causing harm to others. Additionally, survivors with very low loyalty will put some distance between themselves and the party leader during ABL events[1]. Combined with a low composure stat, a survivor can have the Sociopath stat combo. Traits that ensure low loyalty include Bandit and BERSERK!

Traits that guarantee middling or extreme personality stats such as Warrior, Practical, and Mysterious Past, don't apply to loyalty.


Guilt is a loyalty check that occurs when a party member is given the opportunity to helpful or selfish towards others. Survivors with low Loyalty (2 or less) will have their morale improved by one point for selfish acts and lose a point of morale for being helpful. Inversely, a character with a higher loyalty value will lose one point of morale for being selfish and gain a point for being helpful.


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