Maria is a Rare Character that can be found and recruited at Trader Camps. She is a farmer from Colombia who got stuck in the U.S. after the zombie outbreak.

Maria requires 10 food to recruit. She wields a unique weapon called the Cacerola. This is not dropped if she dies.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group meets a sturdy woman wearing old fashioned clothes. She is wielding an especially heavy cast iron frying pan.

She says that she was visiting this country, but got stuck here after the zombies happened. She offers to join the team in exchange for 10 food, up front.

Not enough food

Her price is 10 food, and you don't have enough.

Upon Recruitment

Maria joins the team! She says she'd rather be heading towards Colombia, but at least Canada also starts with a 'C'.

Full party

Maria notices that the team is already full. You'll have to boot someone out of the team to make room for her.



Maria started a new journey to make it to Columbia. After that, other C countries.

Special Abilities

Maria's Strength is two levels over the usual cap.


  • A commented out bit of code in the game files indicates that Maria was originally supposed to have a Scythe in addition to her frying pan.
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