Matt, Mattie, and Matilda are Rare Characters that can be found in a special Sewer Event named Hazardous Materials.

They are three individuals in Hazmat suits that have been living in the sewers. When the player's party happens across them, their sewer home has been overrun by Zombies and they ask the team to help.

To complete the event the player must find and rescue all three of them by escorting them out of the Sewers via a ladder.

Each of the three will give a reward depending on if they escape or not. Similar to Danger Ranger Rescue.

Encounter Text

See Hazardous Materials for full text.



  • The title of the text window for Matt, Mattie, and Matilda are Hazmat, Hazmattie, and Hazmatilda respectively. A terrible play on words due to the fact they all wear hazmat suits.
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