The Mecha Mountie is a Rare Character that appears on the final mission at Canada's Border.

If the party survives long enough once reaching the Canadian border, Mecha Mountie will arrive from the sky and proceed to destroy zombies with his 'EH-ZER BEAM' attack.

The EH-ZER BEAM instantly destroys all zombies in an area of effect when it is fired. The Mecha Mountie fires two shots at a time until all zombies are eliminated.

Encounter Text





Recruitment in OPP mode

In O*P*P MODE, Mecha Mountie can be recruited from the Experimental Hut. He attacks like how he does in Canada's Border, but is unable to utilize weapons. There is warning exclusively for him to indicate that he is even buggier than the other characters in the Experimental Hut.

Prior to the ILEUM update, due to a quirk in ID assignments and the fact that he was never designed to be used on the road, Mecha Mountie also fulfilled checks for Mason's road events, causing him to periodically kill off random party members. This quirk occurred as a character would be checked for having an ID which corresponds to periodic road events, and if they were in the party, would start a countdown for these road events. This normally does not cause any issues, as a Rare Character's ID is normally unique and the events that happen in the countdown only occur for the Rare Characters they were meant to occur for. However, because of his unique sprite size and behavior, Mecha Mountie has an ID of 1, but also has a "special mode" flag that causes him to be his own character. Mason also has an ID of 1 in the normal Rare Character system, meaning that Mason's countdown would start on Mecha Mountie due to having the same ID. As of the ILEUM update, this is no longer the case as characters with road events have their countdown started based on their fixed name in the lobby rather than their ID.



  • Mecha Mountie is a giant robot based on the Canadian Mounties.
  • The EH-ZER beam is a reference to the stereotype of Canadians saying "Eh" frequently.
    • Phonetically it's pronounced "Ay-Zer-Beam", which is very close to "Lay-Zer-Beam", hence the joke.
  • It is still possible to kill The Mecha Mountie with explosives (such as Grenades or Pipebombs) and fire.
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