Mechanic is a perk that combines support with combat by providing points in mechanical skill and fitness skill. Mechanics start with a wrench, an unbreakable but rather heavy melee weapon; the starting fitness slightly helps in using it.


Upgrades for Mechanic can be purchased from Perks of the Mind in exchange for Zombo Points.

Unlock Unlocked by default
Level 2 1 Zombo Points
Level 3 2 Zombo Points

Trait Interactions

  • BERSERK! - allows a character to start with 6 fitness, which can be trained up to 7
  • Civilized - grants a survivor the third highest starting mechanical stat (3 mechanical)
  • Inventive - grants a survivor the second highest starting mechanical stat (4 mechanical) which can then be increased by 1 over the maximum
Perks & Traits
Peak Performance Perks
Weapon and Shooting Perks
Perks of the Mind
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