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Mechanical is a supportive stat in Death Road to Canada. Survivors who specialize in the mechanical stat are capable of technological feats, including repairing vehicles, tinkering with machinery, and aiding with a rather long list of events.

Mechanics are capable of picking open safes with loot in office buildings and junkyards, altering the settings on a coffee machine to improve their dexterity, and siphoning gas out of arcade machines.


As a survivor improves their mechanical skill, they will be able to repair increasingly complex and preferable vehicles. Vehicle repair starts being a viable option at level 2 mechanical, but it is limited to older models, such as the Putt Putt and Hotrod. At higher levels (5-6), newer models such as the Hybrid and UFO can be repaired.

After the initial repair, vehicles require higher levels of mechanical skill to perform subsequent repairs, making a high mechanical stat valuable for that purpose alone. Mechanical can also be used in various events that allow players to modify their vehicles with different improvements.


The mechanical stat can be trained in the following ways:


The following survivors will have mechanical skill when recruited:


Characters with a high mechanical stat can be used for a large number of events, and they may gain mechanical skill if they are successful. The following events can be solved with mechanical:

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