Medical is a supportive stat in Death Road to Canada. Survivors who specialize in the medical stat can be expected to help themselves and allies recover lost health between events through the use of medical supplies on top of being useful for certain events.

The survivor with the highest medical skill in the group will automatically be the designated medic. If two or more survivors have the same amount of medical skill, one will be chosen at random.



A medic treating a teammate through improvisation.

When leveling up, the medical skill may either reduce the amount of medical supplies needed to heal a single survivor or increase the number of total health points they can heal in a single session. Reaching Medical level 6 also gives that survivor the ability to improvise one heal in a session in the event that the party has no medical supplies.

The designated medic may train their medical stat up to level 3 simply from healing and practicing their craft on the party and/or themselves. Reductions in supply requirements will take effect immediately starting with the heal that caused the training, e.g., a survivor with a starting medical of level 0 will perform a heal costing 3 supplies at the same time their stat increases to level 1.


  • Four medical supplies used per hitpoint healed
  • Recover one hitpoint per healing session
  • 40% chance to gain medical skill per healing session
  • Three medical supplies used per hitpoint healed
  • 10% chance to gain medical skill per healing session
  • Two medical supplies used per hitpoint healed
  • 0% chance to gain medical skill per healing session
  • Recover two hitpoints per healing session
  • One medical supply used per hitpoint healed
  • Recover three hitpoints per healing session
  • Improvised healing when no medical supplies are present, one hitpoint per healing session

Only achievable via Head Swap Doctor

  • Same as having 6 Medical, no change in healing


The medical stat can be trained in the following ways:


The following survivors will have medical skill when recruited:


Characters with a high medical stat can be used for a handful of events, and they may gain medical skill if they are successful. The following events can be solved with medical:

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