Misplaced Keys is a Driving Event in Death Road to Canada.

Event Text

The group can't find the car keys! After a while, they spot the keys lying inside a gator's open mouth.

After most humans disappeared, gators started spreading along the entire east coast. It's rumored the gators may eat zombies and car keys.

  • [Strongest character] wrestles the gator
  • [Fittest character] tires out the gator
  • [Shootest character, gun in inventory] shoots the gator
  • [Oblivious character] just grabs the keys
  • Abandon the car keys


Wrestle the gator

[Character] wrestles the gator for the keys!


The gator is bested by [Character]'s raw strength! It spits out the keys.

[Character]'s Strength +1


The gator wins and ends up taking a huge chomp out of [Character]! It drops the keys.

[Character] -2 health


[Character]'s Strength revealed (if alive)

Tire out the gator

[Character] pesters the gator by chasing it and running from it, in hopes it drops the keys.


The gator is tired out by [Character]'s energy! The keys eventually slip out of its mouth.

[Character]'s Fitness +1


The gator lunges in and chomps [Character] when he/she gets tired! The gator drops the keys.

[Character] -2 health


[Character]'s Fitness revealed (if alive)

Shoot the gator

[Character] shoots at the gator!


The gator is blasted by [Character]'s good aiming! It drops the car keys.

[Character]'s Shooting +1
[Character]'s Shooting revealed


[Character] whiffs the shot. The gator swallows the keys and waddles away.

[Character]'s Shooting revealed
Proceed to hotwire check

Just grab the keys

[Character] just goes ahead and grabs the car keys right from the gator's mouth! No problem!

The gator wasn't expecting this casual action at all. It is so surprised that it didn't snap its jaws shut. The group drives the car away!

[Character]'s Wits revealed
[Character]'s Attitude revealed

Abandon the car keys

The group decides that the car keys aren't worth messing with an extremely dangerous alligator.

The alligator is sad that his strategy doesn't work, and loses a point of morale.

Proceed to hotwire check

Hotwire Check

Hotwiring the car requires a level 5 or greater Mechanical skill.


[Character] manages to hotwire the car!

[Character]'s Mechanical revealed


Without a good mechanic, there's no other way for the group to start the car!


Gator eats the keys


  • Allowing the gator to eat the keys enables special text for the DEJA VU event.
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