Moody is a recruitable Rare Character based on Doomguy, the protagonist of the classic DOOM videogame franchise. He can be found in Trader Camps and recruited for 15 food.

He carries with him an Off-brand Plasms Rifle in his first slot and a personal stock of other weapons, including some unique ones, that he shuffles through his second and third slots between missions.

His 3 unique weapons are his Off-brand Plasms Rifle, Moody Chainsaw, and Moody Launcher. The Plasms Rifle deals high damage and uses its own ammo, recharging 20 ammo after every event. His chainsaw has 50 units of internal charge but deals less damage. His launcher is a rocket launcher that uses its own ammunition and stores 10 ammo recharging every event to the max limit.

The rest of his arsenal includes a Pistol, Shotgun, Double Barrel Shotgun, and Minigun.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter (MooD)

This man is wearing futuristic sci-fi armor and holding a matching rifle. Likely some kind of cosplay, but I don't know who because I'm not a nerd.

Nobody tells Moody what to do!

I'm Moody.

Not enough food

You need 15 food to recruit him to the party.

Upon Recruiting (Choose UR Fate)

I brought my own weapons!


  • I miss the moon base, this place smells bad.
  • At least I'm fighting zombies and not demons.
  • I'm Moody.
  • Nobody tells Moody what to do!
  • Rip and tear!
  • AAAUGH! No wait, false alarm I'm fine.
  • Ooomp... no, no secret doors in this car.
  • I feel like trying to open every wall for secret doors.
  • Needs more radioactive barrels...
  • This three gun limit sucks.
  • Back in the day I could carry nine guns at once!
  • I get more plasms ammo by cramming batteries and gum wrappers into my gun.
  • I have a ton of these chainsaws, I throw one away after each use.
  • I switched to disposable eco-friendly space chainsaws. No gas!
  • I'm going to apologize in advance for accidentally blowing myself up.
  • I want all of the ammo!


  • Some text from Kepa's Trello board detailing plans for Moody while he was still in development:
    • All weapons locked, "I bring my own weapons! No one tells Moody what to do!" "I'm Moody!"
    • Maxed combat stats
    • Plasma rifle that's really strong but runs out fast.
    • Recharges every mission.
    • When out, is still aluminum bat strength
    • Other two weapons are random unbreakable versions, reshuffled every time you go to the drive screen
    • Shotgun, Pistol, Minigun, Spiked Knucks ... later Chargebased Chainsaw and rocket launcher?
    • Possibly throw Plasma Rifle in rotation too
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