The Mounties are Rare Characters that appear on the final mission at Canada's Border.

They wield Mountie Hockey Sticks, which have considerably higher cleave stats and knockback compared to the Xtreme Hockey Stick. Statwise, they have 6 Strength and Fitness, as well as 4 Vitality.

The Mounties guard the border to Canada (along with some Beavers and a Moose) and will begin to fight off zombies in the final seconds before the player's party is permitted to pass the border and meet the Prime Minister of Canada.


  • Welcome to Canada, eh!
  • You made it, eh? Beauty!
  • What's your favorite toque colour?
  • I betcha crapped your gitch back there
  • I'm eating a poutine after this
  • Zombies don't like all the snow we've got up here
  • Here's a toonie for a double-double at Timmies
  • De washrooms are just over der on de left
  • Don't pet the beavers
  • Where's your skidoo?
  • Please remove all firearms from your knapsack
  • Did you bring a toboggan?
  • Let's play some road hockey later
  • It's ABAYAHT time Y'ALL came up to see us Y'KNOW? ;)
  • ♫ I'm Bud the Spud from the bright red mud ♫
  • Those zombies were just a given'er!
  • P.E.I. potatoes are the BEST
  • My favorite anime is Dragon Ball ZED
  • Want a can of pop?
  • We say ABOOT, not ABOOT. GEEZ.


  • The Mounties are designed after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (which is where they get their name). Due to their distinct uniform appearance they've become associated with Canada's law enforcement in pop culture.
  • The line "Its aboot time" is likely a reference to the stereotypical Canadian accent.
  • When talked to, he sometimes say "Here's a toonie for a double-double at Timmies", or in non-Canadian terminology, "Here's a two-dollar coin for a coffee two measures of cream and two of sugar at Tim Hortons", referencing Canadian vocabulary.
  • A Mountie can be recruited in O*P*P MODE's starting lobby. While he has the same stats as regular Mounties, he does not have any weapons.
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