The Mysterious Radio Signal is a common driving event in Death Road to Canada.

Event Text

The group finds a strange repeating message on the radio. It's a series of short bursts of music, beeps, spoken numbers, and haunting slide whistle noises. There's also a kazoo in there.

What could it all mean?

  • Ignore it
  • Decipher message
  • Drive to signal
  • [Paranoid Character] THIS IS A TRAP


Ignore it

  • Nothing happens

Decipher message

If alone: [Character] tries to figure the code out by himself/herself...
If not alone: The team puts their heads together to figure out the code...

Character has high Wits (if alone)/Party's total Wits are above 10 (if not alone)

The message warns that the base has been abandoned, but they hid a stash of ammo to help other survivors. The stash turns out to be nearby!

All the chances are independent of each other.

Party's total wits are above 17
The team decodes an additional ultra-secret message:

We also ditched [Character], they were a real nerd. You can recruit them if you're desperate.

  • Option to recruit character. Character is a regular random recruit.


The message says something like DRINK MORE OVALTUMS

It's just nonsense! What a waste of time!

Drive to signal

The group attempts to drive to the signal by listening for the radio broadcast as it gets weaker or stronger. This takes quite a bit of time.

If driving the UFO: Funny enough, this car takes no gas.

  • Lose a large amount of gas (depends on car mileage, same as a failed detour)
  • Group sleeps, one meal is eaten, healing event happens if possible

They find a prepper bunker that is still playing the message. Everyone left in a hurry, leaving behind a stash of supplies.

All the chances are independent of each other.

[Character] THIS IS A TRAP(Paranoid Stat Combo)



The group wastes no time PEELING OUT of there! [Character] is quite relieved to have escaped.

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