The Mystery Factory is a special location option during Always be Looting events. It is an interior map not unlike other factory locations you might come across, and contains the usual assortment of rooms, such as the boss room, break room, and safe room. The loot you will find in these rooms will likewise be very similar to other factory locations: tools, golf clubs in the boss room, grenades/pipe bombs in the safe room, food in the break room, etc. There will always be a safe.

The two major differences are that the factory will contain a larger than usual amount of zombies, and a large amount of extra loot of a single type. The possible types of extra loot are:

Encounter Text

The group spots a factory whose signs have rusted to nothing. The zombies are swarming over the whole place. There's probably some of whatever the factory made left inside, whatever that was.

  • Investigate factory
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