Night Siphon is a common Camping Event in Death Road to Canada. The party can choose whether to siphon gas out of abandoned cars at the expense of a character's energy, or ignore them.

Event Text

The group sets up camp late. On the nearby highway is a bunch of abandoned cars. They're broken, but many should have a little bit of gas. Would you like to send someone to siphon out the gas?

  • [Choose character]
  • Wait until morning


[Choosing a character]

[Character] siphons the gas, but accidentally swallows a bit and gets really, really sick that night instead of sleeping.

If chosen character is an Animal

[Character] tries to siphon some gas, but finds that their body structure is really poorly suited for it.

  • [Character] -1 Morale
  • You do not gain any gas and the character does not become tired.

Wait until morning

Next morning, the group goes to siphon the cars, but notices a large horde of zombies approaching and the gas has to be abandoned.

  • Nothing happens
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