Nimbus Ordeal is a recruitable Rare Character added in the June 2017 - COCCYX Update. Nimbus can be found in a random Event while driving.

Nimbus resembles Cloud Strife from the popular Final Fantasy Series. Cloud is the main protagonist from Final Fantasy 7.

Nimbus wields a unique Weapon called the Guster Sword. It can not be dropped or traded, even in death. Nimbus can not carry any other Weapons.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group spots a hitchhiker near the road.

He wields a goofy enormous sword. It's obvious that it is way too big to swing effectively.

The man is also Level 1, Level 2 at best. He'll need some serious powerleveling if he's going to fight Ultimate Ascended Bizarro-Krankor at the end of this game.

Upon Recruiting

Nimbus climbs into the car. His ostentatious giant sword scrapes up against everything, destroying the upholstery.

Full party

Your party is full! Who should leave to make room?



Epilogue with Nimbus Ordeal.

Nimbus Ordeal had a boss fight with Ascendant Bizarro-Krankor. They talked their issues out.

Special Abilities

While Nimbus has no special abilities, the Guster Sword which Nimbus wields is stronger than even the Claymore. If the player can train up Nimbus to wield it more effectively Nimbus can become a force to be reckoned with.


  • 'Nimbus' is another name for a Cloud, while 'Ordeal' is another term for Strife. Essentially making Nimbus' name a direct parody of Cloud Strife.
  • 'Guster Sword' is a play on 'Buster Sword' the name of Cloud's sword from Final Fantasy 7.
  • It's noted in Nimbus' encounter text that he looks to only be level 1 or 2. A nod to the levelling mechanics in RPGs and explains why Nimbus' combat stats are so low.
    • Nimbus starting at "level 1, 2 at best" could also be a reference to Cloud's appearance in Final Fantasy Tactics, where he always joins you at level 1, even though he's only recruitable near the end of the game when most of your other units are significantly higher in level.
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