The Ninja is a Rare Character that can be temporarily recruited in a trader camp for 5 Food. They are dressed in a blue martial arts gi, with a face mask and armored headband.

The Ninja's description states that their motives are mysterious and they may vanish at any point. Indeed, if left in the party for long enough the Ninja will disappear and leave the group. When they do this they will leave behind a small number of smoke bombs the party can then use.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group finds someone dressed in a ninja costume, standing in camp with a dramatic crossing-arms pose. Her impractical-length headband waves in the wind.

Bribe her to join for 5 food

Ninja takes the food and then slams a smoke bomb into the ground. She's gone!

No wait, she's following you now.

If party is full

She likes her personal space for sword swinging, so you'll have to boot someone.

Approach her

Ninja slams a smoke bomb into the ground!

She's gone!

Upon Leaving

The ninja strikes a dramatic crossed-arms pose. Her headband flutters in the wind.

Looks like... my work is done.

She slams a smoke bomb into the ground and disappears, leaving behind a small satchel. The satchel is full of smoke bombs!


If alone

The ninja was about to slam down a smoke bomb and disappear mysteriously, but there's no one around to witness it. What's the fun in that? She decides to stick around for a bit longer.


Special Abilities

The Ninja is able to move slightly faster than standard survivors, similar to Roller Derby Girl and Gnomey. After a set amount of time in the party she leaves, but leaves a few smokebombs behind.


  • Popular culture often depicts Ninja as capable of disappearing in a cloud of smoke. This is likely the reason for the smoke bombs when vanishing.
  • Before trading camp recruits were implemented in the AORTA update, the Ninja used to appear while driving on the road.
  • If the Ninja's morale drops too low she will exit the party in a comical fashion by tumbling out of the car and vanishing.
  • If the Ninja is the only member of the player's party when she would normally leave, she will remain, claiming it's no fun to mysteriously vanish when nobody is around to see it. This extends the time before she vanishes.
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