Oscar (or The Last Good Cat) is a Rare Character that has a 2% chance of replacing a feral cat in a city looting mission. Upon recruitment, he will be revealed to have max Composure and +1 to minimum and maximum Morale, completely negating the possibility of regular cats' highly lethal Despair Events. He will also always have max Wits and Attitude, giving him the Charming Stat Combo, and gives the leader a +3 morale boost when joining the team.

In addition, he has all the starting stats, bonuses and abilities of a regular cat, meaning he will always have 0 Loyalty and 5-6(chosen randomly) Fitness. His Fitness can also go one level over the regular maximum.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

[Lead Character] finds a cat that has made its den here. It seems different than all other post-zombocalypse cats.

The cat is super calm and doesn't radiate a desire to murder humans! How bizarre!

He is wearing a name tag that reads: OSCAR

Upon recruitment

The group accepts Oscar to the team! Onwards to Canada!

[Lead Character] +3 Morale

BONUS: Oscar's morale always stays above zero!

Full party

The group is full. Who would you like to replace to make room for Oscar?



Oscar started a campaign of mass murder on the local wildlife, as cats do.

Special Abilities

As mentioned above, Oscar has a +1 bonus to Morale, meaning he cannot trigger Despair Events. He also has a +1 bonus to Fitness, as all cats do.


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