The Pet Shop is a City looting location in Death Road to Canada. It is a shop building recognizable by a sign with "-PET-STUFF-" on it. The shop's interior has many skeletons and Femurs scattered on the floor. There will also be 3-5 Food, as well as 2-3 dogs that can't be recruited unless your leader has the Friend of Dog perk or you have no humans in the party. Actual dogs, Super Dogs included, are also unable to recruit Pet Store dogs without these requirements.

Dog Encounter Text

The dog is feral! It's no longer capable of trusting humans.

No humans in party, leader is a dog

This is no problem, as there are no humans around.

  • Recruit the dog
  • Leave the dog alone

No humans in party, leader is not a dog

[Character] isn't a dog. The feral dog growls in suspicion.

  • Leave the dog alone

Leader is a Friend of Dog

Of course, [Character] is different! The dog starts to remember some long forgotten memories of when dogs and humans worked together...

  • Recruit the dog
  • Leave the dog alone

None of the above apply

This dog's eyes glimmer with recognition for a brief moment... 

  • Leave the dog alone

Upon recruitment

The dog wants to follow [Character]!


Pet Store at night

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