Pirate Captain (Name: Captain) is a Rare Character that was added in the August DUODENUM update. She is a classic stereotypical pirate down to the eyepatch, peg leg, and hat.

Captain will offer to sell the party a Pirate's Cannon for 5 Food, or join the party for 20. If the party buys the Cannon, she will lower her recruitment cost to 15 Food.

Her Shooting, Fitness, and Strength are revealed upon recruitment. Strength and Fitness will always begin at 4, however Shooting can vary.

Captain has a permanent -1 to her Dexterity, making her slower than average.

Captain has two weapons she can not drop, these being the Pirate Cutlass and unique Captain's Cannon.

Encounter Text

Terror of the Zombie Sea

This woman is a pirate. At least that's what you assume, due to the peg leg, eyepatch, cutlass, clothing, and hat.


This checks out. She offers to sell the group a cannon for 5 food, or join them for 20 food.

After buying the cannon

The group already bought a cannon, so she reduced the price of recruiting her.

Buy cannon

The group buys the cannon! It's the type that you'd find on an old ship.

She throws in an enormous pile of cannonballs and gunpowder. It somehow fits in a little space in the trunk.



Yarrrrrr! She sounds enthusiastic.

If party is full

Captain needs extra room for the cannonballs she's bringing. Who leaves the group?



Captain built a pirate ship and became the terror of Lake Ontario.

Special Abilities

Captain has no special abilities.


  • It is not revealed but Captain's Composure and Loyalty begin at 0. Likely due to the roguish nature of being a pirate!
  • Captain's permanent -1 to dexterity is noted in the game code as being due to her peg leg.
  • If you recruit Captain without buying the cannon first, she will be carrying it in her third weapon slot, meaning you don't have to worry about not getting it.
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