The Prime Minister of Canada is a Rare Character that appears on the final mission at Canada's Border.

The PM will be at the very back of the map and can be spoken to upon surviving the final holdout at the border walls.

Upon speaking to the party and confirming they are now citizens of Canada he will proceed to say "GIVE 'ER!" and fly off into the sky.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter



The Prime Minister himself makes [The Group] / [Character a] honourary citizen[s] of Canada. He welcomes him/her/them to the last remaining nation on Earth!


  • It's possible the Prime Minister is based on Canada's actual Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - due to some similarities in appearance.
  • It's possible for the Prime Minister to die during the final mission at Canada's Border. If he does die the game will mock the player (as it requires the player to kill him intentionally or be extremely incompetent otherwise) before ending the game in failure. The game will interrupt with:
    NICE ONE, DINGUS(Hoser) You've somehow murdered the Prime Minister Congratulations! YOU LOSE!
    • The player will gain a Cheevo for getting this ending the first time.
    • To kill the PM the player must use explosives or fire-based weapons, or use a Teleporter to teleport to his location. This makes it so that the Prime Minister's death must almost certainly be intentional, as the player would have to use NPC-damaging weapons after the border is opened and there are no more zombies.
      • When the border opens to reach him, all nearby zombies instantly die, and any found by backtracking will also despawn before the player reaches them, preventing the player from accidentally killing themselves or the Prime Minister (and making it harder to do so intentionally).
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