The Pyromaniac is a Rare Character that was added in the August 2017 DUODENUM update. They can be found and recruited at Trader Camps. They are depicted as a person clad head to tow in fireproof gear, their gender is never revealed.

The Pyromaniac will join the team if given 10 Food. They join with a Fire Axe, Molotov, and Napalm Thrower (with 20 charges). They can not be hurt by fire in any form.

The Pyromaniac's Strength and Fitness are revealed upon recruitment, however they do not have any fixed stats.

Encounter Text

Try Burning Everything

This person is covered head to toe in fireproof gear.

This would usually be more suspicious, but you're used to this sort of thing.

Hi. Did you know that zombies are highly flammable?

Not enough food

You need 10 food to properly make friends.


  • Zombies sure are flammable.
  • Burn it all down!
  • I burnt my pinky finger on a frying pan once so I wear this suit now.
  • When people get set on fire it's not really MY fault, it's theirs.
  • This suit protects me from fire and also super spicy hot sauce.
  • My favorite strategy is throwing a molotov and then standing in it.
  • You can get more mileage out of a blowtorch if you set furniture on fire.
  • I always liked burning things! Now it's just more socially acceptable.
  • If only had easy to purchase flamethrowers before the zombocalypse happened.
  • The flamethrower is the best weapon.
  • I like fire axes because they remind me of fire.
  • If I get enough molotovs, I could take care of the zombies. All of them.
  • Is it hot in here or is it just my bulky firesuit?
  • I refuse to take off this suit, ever. A fire can happen at any time.
  • Gas is the most precious resource, because flamethrowers use gas.
  • I wonder how flammable Canada is.


"Wow! A new place to burn down."

[Name] left Canada after finding out everything was harder to burn due to the ice.

Special Abilities

The Pyromaniac is impervious to fire damage, in a manner similar to the Fireproof Trait.


  • This character is a reference to the Pyro from Valve's Team Fortress 2. Much like the TF2 Pyro, the Pyromaniac loves fire, wears a full fireproof suit at all times, and their gender is kept ambiguous. This reference has been confirmed by the developer on the game's official Discord server.
  • Before the August 2019 ILEUM Part 2 update, the Pyromaniac started with a Blowtorch (with 200 charges) instead of a Napalm Thrower.
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