Rambeux is a Rare Character which can be found and recruited at Trader Camps. He is a parody of the fictional character John Rambo.

In order to recruit Rambeux 10 food must be paid to him up front. Once recruited Strength, Fitness, and Shooting will be revealed. In addition, he will always start with 0 Composure.

Rambeux has two weapons which cannot be dropped, sold or broken: the Minigun and Rambeux Knife. In addition, he joins the party holding 50 rifle ammo.

He can also be found in Zombo Town to buy perks from.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

The group meets a serious looking guy. He's holding a gigantic knife and he's carrying a MINIGUN across his back. He mumbles that he is a mercenary for hire, paid up front.

Upon Recruitment

Rambeux joins the team! He outright refuses to let go of BERTHA, and says no one will ever be able to pry it from him.

If Party is full

Rambeux notices that the team is already full. You'll have to boot someone out of the team to make room. You should, since you already gave up the food.


"I'm a mercenary.... a mercenary for hire."

Rambeux managed to keep his minigun in Canada. No one really wanted to take it away from him.

Special Abilities

Rambeux has no special abilities.


  • The encounter text for Rambeux is titled 'Rambeux: First Butt' - This is a parody of the Rambo movie 'First Blood'
  • Before trading camp recruits were implemented in the AORTA update, Rambeux used to appear while driving on the road.
  • His name is spelled "Rambeaux" in Zombo Town and the O*P*P lobby.
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