R#ck Gr#mes is a Rare Character that can be found and recruited in Town Maps. He is based on the fictional character Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead franchise.

R#ck has a chance to spawn in a trashed building. He can be recruited by speaking to him.

R#ck's name will change every time an event occurs. The name will change to a random name from the following selection:

R#ck Sick Rhymes Ding Dimes Rck Trimes
Sheriff R*ck Rock Ruck
Ryck Rack Reyeck Rk

When Rck is encountered his Strength, Fitness, and Shooting are revealed. He will join with a Dolt 45 and some Ammo for it if recruited.

Encounter Text

R#ck only has 33 lines of dialogue he can say (excluding responding to characters while driving).

Whenever R#ck attacks, or speaks while driving, he will say 1 of these 33 possible lines. Most of these are variations of "CARL!" either with more "A"'s or said several times.

When R#ck is first encountered his dialogue will simply be four of these lines with the option to recruit or leave him.





  • Rick Grimes' son in the Walking Dead franchise is called Carl Grimes.
  • Rck's Stats are always the same when he is recruited. Most notably his Loyalty starts at 6 and his Wits / Attitude begin at 5. Composure is always 1 however, while Medical and Mechanical start at 2.
  • Rck does not have a unique sprite. He is made up of appearance options that NPCs and custom characters have, making it possible to re-create his appearance using the Character Creator.
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