Repair Shop Repair is a Driving Event in Death Road to Canada. It allows one character to train their Mechanical skill by repairing one weapon to usability. The type of weapon repaired depends on the character's initial Mechanical stat and ignores the bonus bestowed by the Robot Head.

Event Text

The group finds a repair shop. There's a tiny bit of gas, plus a lot of broken garbage. There could be something good here, if you know how to fix it.

+10 to 16 Gasoline

Pick someone to spend a day repairing junk:

  • Ignore junk
  • [Choose character]


[Character] spends a day trying to fix something in the junk pile...

Character's Mechanical = 0

He/She accidentally gets a lot of cuts, scrapes, and bruises. He/She learns about repair, the hard way.

Character's Mechanical = 1

He/She takes a broken tennis racket and turned it into a Level 2 Ultra Ergonomic Tennis Racket of the Whale. This is exactly the same as a regular tennis racket.

Tennis Racket added to trunk

Character's Mechanical = 2

He/She turns a useless Rusted Machete into a useful or at least usable Rusty Machete. It's a clear improvement.

Rusty Machete added to trunk

Character's Mechanical = 3

He/She reinforced a splintered bat with nails and metal to make a Spiked Bat! It's great until it breaks!

Spiked Bat added to trunk

Character's Mechanical = 4

He/She sharpens a dull Branch Trimmer! It's a decent if slightly awkward weapon that won't break on you!

Branch Trimmer added to trunk

Character's Mechanical = 5

He/She gets a broken Leaf Blower working again! Send zombies flying like leaves!

Leaf Blower added to trunk

Character's Mechanical = 6 or higher

He/She restores a faulty Weed Whacker! It's like a slightly wimpy son to the chainsaw! To make up for the lack of power, it's much more gas efficient.

Weed Whacker added to trunk


[Character]'s Mechanical revealed
[Character]'s Mechanical +1
Party eats a day's worth of food
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