Safes are special lootable items found in locations with the prefix "Fancy" or "Secure".

Safes cannot be opened without a combination or a key, depending on the location. The code/key can be found anywhere within the area. When opened, safes will offer four randomly chosen rewards. The possible rewards include:

The player will be prompted to choose only one of the four choices as a reward.

If a character has 5 or more mechanical, they have the option to open the safe without a combination lock, however this takes 2 hours.

Encounter Text

This safe is locked close, and too sturdy to destroy.

With luck the combination or key will be around, somewhere.

Party leader is not sapient

[Character] doesn't possess the brain necessary to be able to open a safe. Just another example of the human world's anti-[dog/cat/goat/critter] bias.

Open safe with key/code

[Character] unlocks and opens the safe! Along with some now useless papers, it had:

  • Choice of 4 rewards (see above for possible rewards)

[Character] cracks the safe!

It takes a couple hours, but [Character] figures out the safe's combination! Along with some now useless money, it had:

  • Choice of 4 rewards (see above for possible rewards)
  • 2 hours pass
  • 6-10 zombies spawn in the room
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