Santa is a Rare Character which can be found and recruited during a special Event exclusive to December, 24-25th which is around Christmas time. He is depicted as a large man in a red and white suit with a big white beard.

When driving, an event will occur in which Santa appears while looting a house. The party will have the option to tell him if they've been naughty or nice. If there is room in the party, he will then join.

Alternatively, a third option becomes available if someone in the party has a low enough attitude Stat. They can tell Santa to "PISS OFF!"

If the party chooses to tell Santa to "PISS OFF!" Santa will join the party as Evil Santa assuming there is room.

Santa's Attitude is revealed upon recruitment. In addition, he will always start with 4 Shooting and Mechanical.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

[Name] is searching through a house for supplies when something comes down the chimney. It's Santa!!!



Santa gives the group a present! It's a bunch of cans of corn, just what they always wanted!


"You're still nicer than those awful zombies!" Santa gives the group some coal. [Name] crams it into the car's gas port.


[Name] snaps and verbally lays into Santa. "PISS OFF, SANTA. NICE ONE! YOU'RE A DOOFUS. WAY TO GO! WAY TO SPREAD HOLIDAY CHEER! YOU DINK!" Santa loses faith in humanity and and becomes Evil Santa.

Upon Recruitment



"Merry Christmas to all!"

Santa was able to spread Christmas Cheer to all of Canada.

Special Abilities

When joining the party, assuming the player didn't tell Santa to "PISS OFF!" he will gift either food or fuel depending on the option picked.

Nice will grant 5 Food.

Naughty will grant 50 Gas.

Santa additionally has a chance to spawn another Santa during a exclusive Camping Event. During the next in-game morning a new Santa can appear with a 50/50 chance of being either regular Santa or Evil Santa.

It's important not to let Santa's morale dip too low. If it reaches a critical state one of two things will happen:

  • If Santa is the only party member he will get upset and vanish up a chimney, causing the game to be over.
  • If Santa is not the only party member he will effectively kill another member of the party. Santa lies on the floor in a state of despair and another party member will accidentally run him over with the car. Due to the "Curse of Saint Nick" the person that killed Santa becomes the new Santa. Santa remains but the character that 'turned into him' dies.


  •  The "curse of Saint Nick" that is mentioned when Santa's morale gets too low is a parody of the 1994 film, 'The Santa Clause' - The game even acknowledges this by setting the title of the scene to "THAT ONE TIM ALLEN MOVIE BASICALLY"
  • Santa can only be recruited when playing the game on a national holiday. There is no other way to recruit him, much like with the Beaver, Turkey, Uncle Sam, and Cupid.
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