The Sewers is a location in Death Road to Canada, the group enters a sprawling sewer system with hoards of zombies. Exploring it will allow you to find a ladder if in a siege. Interacting with it will allow you to leave and continue on your journey.

There is always one (?) special room, with a random award which can include any type of supply, or a good weapon.

The sewer can also be found in Hazardous Materials and Sewer Rescue, along with it replacing a siege.

The Sewer Rescue mission does not require you to find the rescuee (they will be in the first room), however you will have to escort them through the whole sewer system to get your reward.

Encounter Text

There are two variants of the sewer siege.

River of Death

The group arrives in a huge city, conquered by undead, and sees that their only chance is braving the sewer system.

When opening the manhole, a cacaphony of groans spill out. This is not a good sign.

River of Sludge

This city is covered with hordes of undead and wreckage that has been touched by a previous fire. The group gets surrounded, and their only chance is SPRINTING THROUGH the sewers.

Sewer Rescue

The group spots a desperate survivor flee from a horde by jumping into the sewer. Helping would involve having to find a safer way out.


  • The River of Sludge (but not the other sewer missions) is the only mission other than the Dark and Haunted Mansions that can have a TIME TO BUY A NEW WATCH time forecast.
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