Shield of Hope is a defensive perk that allows a survivor to evade death from fatal hits both in text events and looting missions. Instead of reducing a survivor to 0 health, Shield of Hope will activate and knock off some morale instead.

Battle Rodent will have this perk when recruited.


Upgrades for Shield of Hope can be purchased from Perks of the Mind in exchange for Zombo Points.

Unlock 10 Zombo Points
Level 2 4 Zombo Points
Level 3 7 Zombo Points

Trait Interactions

  • Civilized - because of the morale penalty, this trait may not be ideal for use with Shield of Hope
  • Oblivious - the ability to maintain morale high can potentionally prolong the survivability of a character
  • Other high attitude traits, such as Charming and Nurturing, may also supplement this perk
  • Dexterity boosting perks, such as Frantic Whiner and Travel Light, may add increased survivability


  • Survivors using Shield of Hope have a unique set of phrases when evading death.
    • One of these phrases is, "That's my purse, I don't know you," which is a known King of the Hill reference.
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