Shooting is a combat stat in Death Road to Canada. Survivors who specialize in shooting have an improved proficiency in operating firearms, powerful weapons that are capable of improving the outcome of success in difficult zombie situations. Additionally, a few events can be solved with shooting.

With higher levels in shooting, a survivor will take aim much more quickly at far distances, have increased chances of firing shots that will pierce through zombies, and improve the chance of bullets ricocheting off of walls.

Being tired will severely reduce shooting temporarily.



The shooting stat can be trained in the following ways:

  • Playing on arcade machines
  • Firearms Coach
  • The Handyman's Bible book
  • Cars-N-Gadgets magazine


  • Survivors with Fighter (+2), Gun Collector (+3), Gungineer (+2), Natural Shot (+2), Surgeon (+2), Trademark Weapon (+1) perks
  • Survivors with BERSERK! (+4), Calm Under Fire (+1), Specialist (+2) traits
  • Billy (+5), Earnestine (+4), Fairy Queen (+5), Gordo (+5), H*NK (+6), Kepa (+5), Moody (+6), Rambeux (+5), Rck Grmes (+4)
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