Sir Boney or The Skeleton Knight is a rare Trader and recruitable Rare Character. He can be found and recruited at Trader Camps by telling him to "Cool it!!!" with full charge.

He is a skeleton wearing a full suit of plate armour, minus the helmet.

If he is recruited he will have 5 Vitality by default.

Encounter Text

Upon Encounter

It's an animated skeleton, wearing plate armor.

I also hate zombies. They're coated in skin and flesh. It's disgusting!

I'll sell you some of my spare weapons, if it pleaseth you.

[Character] tells him to COOL IT

[Name] tells the skeletal knight to COOL IT.


The heavily armed knight threatens to send the group to the BONE ZONE

The group is forced to flee the trader camp!

  • [Character] Wits and Attitude revealed

[Character] tells him to COOL IT!!! (Full charge)

[Name] tells the skeletal knight to COOL IT.

His skull makes rapid creaking noises. Laughter?

I haven't heard a jape like that in ten centuries!

  • Sir Boney joins the party
  • [Character] Wits and Attitude revealed

Buy 5 Bomb Skulls (5 Food)

The group buys 5 Bomb Skulls!

These skulls art enchanted with devastating SKULL POWER!

Buy Gladius (15 Food)

The group buys the skeleton's shortsword!

This gladius is a great sword, yet I never liked it becauseth it's not skull themed.

Buy Skull Hammer (25 Food)

The group buys the SKULL HAMMER.

Beholdeth the incredible destructive power of my spare SKULL HAMMER.

Ask why he needs food (Option available when under 5 Food)

[Character] asks the skeleton why it needs food.

Because I eat it, you dinguseth!

  • [Party Leader] -1 Morale


"Perfect! I can terrorize way more humans here!"

Sir Boney dug out a sweet monster-filled dungeon. It had orcs and goblins and traps. Nice!


  • Although not revealed Sir Boney will always join with 0 Loyalty.
  • The pile of bones Sir Boney spawns with will always have a free Bomb Skull in it.
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